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Setting up ColdFusion8 Enterprise with application isolation with IIS February 10, 2010

Posted by Sean Welsh in ColdFusion8.

The point of this is so a sysadmin can restart one CF app running on a server without interfering with the others.

Ensure you have installed CF8 Enterprise with the Multiserver option.

In CF Admin go to Instance Manager (in Enterprise Manager)

Create a new Instance. Give it a name . Leave EAR/WAR blank unless you have one. Check the Create Windows Service box (and the restart box).

Go and make a cup of coffee. It takes quite a while for CF to create the instance. (5-10 mins)

Meanwhile, you can set up an IIS web site as normal. Put your application in a folder on the under the webroot. Install the database and so on.

When the Instance is created, you need to manually edit jrun.xml in JRun4/servers/__instanceName__/SERVER-INF/

Open in Notepad. Find JRunProxyService. A few lines below there is a field in xml that by default reads deactivated / true. You need to turn deactivated to false. Love the double negative there…

Then restart the Windows service that belongs to the instance. Then run the Web Server Configuration Tool. Then you can attach an IIS web site to the ColdFusion instance you want to service it.

If you get this error message: No available port could be found for JRun server Proxy Service. You probably need to edit jrun.xml to un-deactivate the JRunProxyService for the instance.

The interaction between IIS and ColdFusion does not seem well-documented on this point.



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