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Avenue Q: I was so impressed I bought the T-shirt September 13, 2009

Posted by Sean Welsh in reviews.

Went to see the musical Avenue Q the other day. As a musical Avenue Q sits somewhere between Sesame Street and Hair. It is definitely Not for Kids as advertised. I related right from the opening number – It sucks to be me. I have a philosophy degree so I fully appreciated the problem of the newly graduated arts major (in the show Princeton has an English major) who is struggling to find a job. Actually half the problem with a “useless” degree – or rather (ahem) a non-vocational degree is picking your vocation.

On the other hand, picking a “useful” degree can be a major bummer if you turn out hating the vocation that goes with the degree. I once heard a story about a trained doctor in Townsville who ended up working in a coffee shop because she was sick of seeing sick people all day. I can imagine how the conversations with the parents went on that one… Whaaaattttt, the HECS debt, the social status, whaddyamean you wanna wait tables in a coffee shop. Call a psychiatrist!

Getting back to Avenue Q, the highlight of the show is definitely the sex scene and the show stopping number The Internet is for Porn…

I was so impressed, I bought the T-shirt!

Playing at the Theatre Royal in Sydney.

Highly Recommended!



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